Oliver Spencer

We are committed to providing quality legal services in the areas of probate and estate planning, real estate law, and landlord-tenant law.

We pride ourselves on providing excellent service to all our clients. It is our goal to help you meet or exceed your legal goals.

Our clients expect the best from us. We intend to meet or exceed their expectations.

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As a Seattle estate planning lawyer, Oliver provides quality representation in the areas of probate and estate planning. We enjoy crafting wills, living trusts, powers of attorney, healthcare directives (living wills), and pet trusts that will meet or exceed your estate planning goals. In addition, we provide quality probate representation after the death of a relative or friend. Oliver enjoys assisting clients as a Seattle estate planning lawyer.


As a Seattle landlord-tenant lawyer, Oliver provides quality representation to landlords and tenants in landlord-tenant disputes. Among the types of landlord-tenant disputes we handle are repair disputes, unauthorized entry disputes, and security deposit and move out charge disputes. Under the Washington Residential Landlord-Tenant Act, both landlords and tenants have a number of rights that must be respected.  We also draft and review residential and commercial lease agreements. Oliver enjoys assisting clients as a Seattle landlord-tenant lawyer.


As a Seattle real estate lawyer, Oliver can help you with neighbor disputes, boundary disputes, including fence disputes and adverse possession claims, latent defect matters, purchase and sale agreements, tenancy in common agreements, property management agreements, real estate contracts, easements, partitions, deeds, promissory notes and deeds of trust, excise tax affidavits, residential and commercial lease agreements, quiet title actions, earnest money disputes, tree root encroachment actions, tree branch encroachment actions, timber trespass actions, water law disputes, and drainage law disputes. Oliver enjoys assisting clients as a Seattle real estate lawyer. If you need assistance other than legal assistance with tree root encroachment, tree branch encroachment, or timber trespass issues, you may also contact Plant Amnesty at http://www.plantamnesty.org