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Speaking at Solo and Small Firm Practice Class University of Washington School of Law

Once again I spoke to the Solo and Small Firm Practice Class at the University of Washington School of Law.  The students are very inquisitive.  The subjects of my speaking were broadly-career paths, business plans, and marketing.  The students presented business plans at the beginning of class which were as detailed and professional as any business plans I have ever seen.  I am strongly encouraged that the next generation of lawyers will be even more talented than their predecessors, and hope that they use this talent to improve the world, both inside and outside of the legal system.

Solo and Small Firm Practice Class

I spoke at the University of Washington School of Law’s solo and small firm practice class recently regarding solo practice, business plans, marketing, ethics, and other topics.  This engagement is always a joy in which to participate and highly rewarding for all involved.

U.W. Law School Mediation Moot Court Competition

I recently served as a judge for the University of Washington Law School’s mediation moot court competition.  This competition offers a great opportunity for law students to work together on a collaborative basis during a facilitative mediation, as opposed to using the more common adversarial model for negotiations taught in law school and employed in litigation.

U.W. Law School Mentorship Reception

I attended the U.W. Law School mentorship reception last evening.  I got to meet my new mentee.  The speaker at this event was Judge Lori K. Smith.  I have now participated in the mentorship program at the University of Washington School of Law for nine years.

Presentation at Small And Solo Practice Class

I made my annual presentation to the Small And Solo Practice class at the University of Washington School of Law today regarding solo practitioner legal career paths and ethics.  I am always amazed by the intelligence and caliber of the students and the intelligence and quality of their questions.

Mediation Training

I recently completed Basic Mediation Training at Seattle University Law School-I hope to be able to add the mediation dimension to my practice in the future.

Judicial Evaluation Committee

I was recently selected to be on the Judicial Evaluation Committee of the Loren Miller Bar Association. This committee evaluates judicial candidates in the State of Washington on behalf of the Loren Miller Bar Association.